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K-6 Assemblies Ideas

Watch video demonstrations from over 50 highly qualified K-6 elementary school assembly artists, performers, and presenters with 100’s of educational and fun school assembly programs. You can Browse All Artists for ideas that will work for assembly programs and assembly program themes that you wish to bring to your school

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Most requested topics for school assemblies and programs 

  • Character / Bullying / Anti Smoking and Drugs
  • Science / Animals
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Theater, mime, puppets, marionettes
  • Social Studies / World and American Heritage
  • Language Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Multi-Cultural

MDMFromWebsiteLet us help! We will be glad to help you locate programs for your elementary school assemblies and other fun and enriching programs. Our network of over 300 presenters with hundreds educational elementary school programs generally allows you to find programming that meets or goals and ideas quickly and effectively

It’s easy to get help and save time! Simply send your ideas and requirements for elementary school assemblies, along with your location and dates to our Programs Coordinator.   We generally respond within 24 hours with artists, performers, and presenters who can meet your ideas for assemblies or other programming needs.

Your ideas for school assemblies and other programming can be met. Our extensive network of quality and pre-screened artists, performers, and presenters offer a wide range of programming to schools including:

  • Performing Arts – Music, Dance, Theater, Storytelling, Mime, Puppetry, Marionettes,
  • Visual Arts – Drawing, Cartooning
  • Presentation Arts – Science, Animals, Astronomy, Character, Anti Bully, Anti Drug, Motivational
  • Variety Arts – Magic, Juggling, Bubbles, Balloons
  • Multi-Arts – Assemblies and programs featuring combinations of art forms
  • Roaming Arts – Walk around programs that are ideal for carnival, festival, and other family fun night events.

Our commitment: To provide schools with quality, affordable, and dependable assemblies and other enrichment programs that live up to expectations. All the artists, performers, and presenters featured on this ONLINE video showcase, including additional performers found at,, and have all auditioned and provided documentation on their ability to provide assemblies, enrichment workshops, after school programs, and family fun nights prior to participating.   Please SEND US YOUR REVIEW about any program you choose.