Full Spectrum

Portable Planetarium Planetarium brought to your schoo for an eductaional and entertaining planetarium experience.  Full Spectrum will bring their portable planetarium to your school for students and teachers to go inside and view the night time sky.  Planets, stars, and … Continue reading

Brock Edwards Magic

Magic and Illusion Brock Edwards offers FREE school assemblies with a Family Fun Night.  Each school assembly and family fun night feature comedy, magic, and audience participation with fantastic illusions combined with upbeat music, dazzling costumes, special effects and more! … Continue reading

Juggler David Cousin

Juggling This international award winning juggler offers high energy juggling programs and walk around entertainment for family fun nights, after school programs, rewards assemblies, and other school related events.  David features a high-energy, entertaining and educational program that is sure … Continue reading

Cowboy Ken Frawley

American Heritage – Cowboy, Presidents, Westward Movement Cowboy Ken provides entertaining and educational elementary school assemblies, family fun nights, after school programs, and roaming entertainment that bring to life the Westward Movement and the American Cowboy – the iconic Image … Continue reading

Dave Skale the Magician

David Skale’s school assembly magic shows features tons of audience participation, loads of laughs, and amazing magic.  A variety of themes are available  with their own costumes and story lines including Anti Bully, Nutrition, Money Management, and Anti Drug. More … Continue reading

Enrichment Works

Offers theatrical elementary school assemblies with presentations to inspire learning.  Elementary school assembly programs include Aesop’s Fables, Nutrition, Science, and much more.  Student Enrichment Workshops offer arts integration classes. More Information                    … Continue reading

Native American Tribal Dance & Culture

Native American Dance and Culture elementary school assemblies helps to develop an appreciation for Native American Dance, Native American Song, and Native American Culture.  This lively and colorful school assembly program includes explanations of the dances and songs as well … Continue reading

African Drum and Dance

African Dance and Percussion school assembly program features African percussion rhythms, African stories, and African dance.  .Each school assembly comes with over 20 djembe drums for students to participate in the rhythms of the songs. This elementary school program also … Continue reading

The Clean Comedy Team

The Clean Comedy Team offers elementary school assembly programs that motivate students for success.  Each school assembly creates leaders, develops positive thinking for testing, helps students find inner greatness,encourages students to be drug free and provides anti-bullying tools. More Information … Continue reading

Craig Newton

Using a variety of instruments including guitars, mandolin, banjo, flute, harmonica, trombone and more, Craig’s elementary school assembly music program takes students on an historical journey through America’s music! More Information     Craig Newton’s Videos … Continue reading

Creative Learning

Jon’s fast-paced, high energy elementary school assembly programs transform the drawing process into an amazing reading, writing and memory tool that will help students succeed in learning. More Information                  Creative Learning’s Videos … Continue reading

Ina Buckner-Barnette, The Sunshine Storyteller

Bring rich multicultural storytelling school assembly programs to your school with The Sunshine Storyteller.  Ina offers a variety of international elementary school assemblies as well as Black History month themes.  Storytelling student enrichment workshops available for 1 to 10+ weeks … Continue reading

Class Act’s Novel Ideas

Using improvisation to educate, excite and inspire creative writing, Novel Ideas presents elementary school assemblies that focus on the basic elements of story: character, location, activity, and plots. More Information          Novel Idea’s Videos … Continue reading

Saving Wildlife International

Out elementary school assemblies inspire students to explore, discover, and learn about the natural world through fun and exciting animal programs.  With a variety of school assembly programs to choose from, all presentations feature a minimum of eight wildlife ambassadors. … Continue reading

Science of Juggling

Science of Juggling offers school assembly programs that gives students the opportunity to discover Newton’s First Law of Motion, the effects of Gravity, Friction, Gyroscopic motion, the Center of Gravity and more. Jeffery uses quality juggling to keep students focused … Continue reading